27/12/02 :: more presents

we've now left scotland, and driven down to nana & papa's house. whaddya know - more presents

dad's looking to trade the car in for a three-and-a-half tonner in order that we can get at least some of these presents home. in addition to all the great stuff i got in scotland, i've picked up a trike and a blackboard today too.

roy wood of Wizzard wished that it could be christmas everyday. I'm with him on that one.

25/12/02 :: happy christmas

we're in scotland today with auntie piff and uncle nic, who offer top-quality festive food and lodgings. lottie's in present heaven, and has really found the true meaning of christmas; there's wrapping paper everywhere, and she's added another two notches to her belt.

there's also been a new addition to the family today, her name is holly polly dolly, and she's from china. i suspect if you pull her hair hard enough, her head will come off to reveal a rusty spike. still, lottie seems to love her anyway.

14/12/02 :: we got a tree

we got a tree, we got a tree! mummy and lottie chose a christmas tree yesterday. it was delivered last night, and this morning we all helped to decorate it.

the ladies had been bursting to have a tree since about the middle of october, but bah-humbug dad had issued an embargo until this weekend. lottie likes the tree, but not as much as the ladders we were using to decorate it. on balance she'd rather we had put the tree away and kept the ladders out.

30/11/02 :: remember when

remember when how to spend ten pee at the shops was the biggest decision you had to make?

well it seems those life changing decisions still persist, only these days it's twenty five pee.

i can hear the grandparents now... twenty five pee? that's five bob, and she's not even two.

24/11/02 :: nana's birthday

we went down to bolton this weekend to see nana and papa. they are old. at least a hundred I think.

nana had a special birthday and so we had a party. i learned to sing 'happy birthday' which seemed to please everybody. and i played with lots of other small people, who all looked a lot like me.

partying all weekend sure makes you tired for nursery on monday morning.

05/10/02 :: i want ice-cream

everyone who meets me thinks I'm sweetness and light. Well I am. except when I don't get my own way.

for the record, this is what I look like when I want ice-cream, but can't have it. there's a holler which goes with this face too. you had better turn your speakers down, just in case old sparky-pops has put that up on this site.

01/10/02 :: cool pool

it might be too cold for outdoor swimming in blighty right now, but not here in mallorca. well, actually, it's pretty cold here, but dad wants good value, so we've got to use all the facilities.

last night mummy and daddy went mad on the sangria, it got so bad they even joined in the kareoke. dad won a straw donkey for his version of 'new York, new York'.

17/09/02 :: our house is for sale

our house is for sale. the one we've got is way too small. particularly for all my toys. dad says we've got to sell this one before we can get another. If you're interested in buying it, then please let us know

20/08/02 :: hot-tub action

camping when you're aged just one is a dirty business. good job then that the tent has an ensuite bathroom. much to the delight of other campers on the site, i have plumbed-in this luxury facility just for me.

Best of all, when I'm not in it, mum and dad use my bath for washing the pots. dad says if something hasn't got more than two uses, we don't take it camping. well I've got news for him, i've just found a third use, and i'm not drinking any more of this water.

01/07/02 :: summertime

ah summertime, whatever is a girl to do? cast off those dowdy dungarees, and slip into something altogether more elegant.

although my parents have absolutely no fashion sense, I have the good fortune that their friends send me clothes. this particular favourite of mine was given to me by karen and andy, so thanks to them I'm the coolest honey in the playground.

anyway, can't stop, off to put sticky hand prints all over grandma's conservatory windows...

30/01/02 :: birthday

today I am no longer zero. it's my birthday, and my parents are anxious for me to do something with this candle on the cake.

lots of my friends are here, and we've got balloons, presents and everything.

being zero was kind of cool. but this being one lark seems pretty neat too so far, it's just one big party.